What brings you home?

My yoga practice brings me home to myself.

It brings me home to presence. The practice frees me from whatever self-debilitating storyline is playing in my mind.

Yoga brings me home to love.

Other things that bring me home:

  • Playing guitar and singing whatever I'm feeling.

  • Hot baths and Norah Jones' voice.

  • Relaxing cafes with kind strangers.

  • Exploring a new city, a new park, a new place, with a friend and wonderful soul.

It is so so easy to stay stuck in old patterns. To believe the stories we’re playing in our minds. It is so hard to remember to do the things that bring you home to yourself, to your breath, to love.

It is called a practice for a reason. So we do just that: we practice. We practice showing up every day.

We learn what brings us home and we do our damn best to make these practices our go-to response to emotional overwhelm, to low-vibrations, so that the practices become habit.

I'm right there with you. I always forget to do the thing that I KNOW will free me to move past old patterns and old stories.

But some days, I remember. And then I'm home.

Eventually the practices that bring me home will be just as much a habit as my old patterns.

For now, it is an intentional practice.

Who knows how long “for now” will last? Perhaps forever. Perhaps not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we show up and we practice. So that we can remember that those stories playing in our head are not truth. That coming home to ourselves is always a few deep breaths away. Sometimes we will forget. So we will try again tomorrow.

So.. what allows you to come back to right here, right now? What frees you of your self-limiting story and brings you back to love?

What brings you home?

Go do that.

You're here to play the game. What are you waiting for?

Onto the court you go

You were made for this

You’ve been training your whole life for this,

Whether or not you know it.

Get up and play.

Go and do it.

Who cares if you shoot and you miss?

It’s all for you.

And by the way, we’re all playing the same game. 

There is no secret you’re missing.

You’re ready now.

The purpose of being here on this earth

in this human body is to feel alive.

You are not here to watch other people from the sidelines

and to perpetually plan out your next best move.

You’re here to step onto the court, to feel the thrill of playing and the thrill of not knowing exactly how the game will pan out. Because no amount of planning will ever prepare you for where and when the ball is going to be thrown.

The secret? (Okay, I guess there is one.)

It is stepping onto the court anyhow.

And then simply doing your best to catch the ball when it is thrown to you, and knowing when to throw the ball to a teammate.

Inevitably dropping the ball… a lot.

When the time is yours, shooting for the basket.


Dusting yourself off and getting back into the game

with your teammates by your side.

Celebrating when your teammate makes a slam dunk.

Because you’re on the same team.

When they win, you win.

Sometimes making your own slam dunk!

And you better celebrate that too. 

So yes, on the court, in life.. You will fail.

You will fuck up.

There is no avoiding that.

You will get passed the ball when you don’t feel ready, but your body will know what to do.

Sometimes you’ll aim and miss… in the missing, you’ll understand more and more about how to make it in the net.

But I promise, if you stay glued to the sidelines,

planning your moves instead of trying them out…

you will never get the ball in the net.

More importantly, you’ll never feel the rush, the thrill, of playing the game.

And that’s all it is anyway… a game.

It will end at some point no matter what.

That is the only thing I can guarantee.

In the end, we’ll all shake hands, covered in blood, sweat, and tears, our heart wide open, body exhausted and satisfied - having made the most of this game we get to play.

We’ll forget the struggle and the hustle and we’ll tell each other “good game” and we’ll mean it.

If we’ve managed to stay on the court, allowed ourselves to get knocked down, let our teammates pick us back up, encouraged our teammates when they needed it, caught the ball when it was thrown to us, knew when to pass the ball to someone else, done our damn best to play with our full hearts and with focus and integrity, then in the end we won’t regret a single moment of the game.

No matter if we’ve gotten the ball in the net one hundred times or zero times.

We’ll realize we’re all in this together, even the people we thought were on a different team.

In the end, we’re all on the same team,

playing the same game.

So… while you’re here in the gym, 

on this earth,

might as well step onto the court. Just as you are. Right now.


And play.

Play is the key word.

Your teammates will be there to lift you up when you fall.

So get up. 

Take a breath.

Stretch your legs.

And jump in.

Your team is waiting.

We want to play and we need you.

We’re ready for you.

You’re ready too.

What are you waiting for?

Full: an ode to the power of music and dance

Dance is my water and

I have not been drinking.

How did I not hear?

Why did I not listen?

I didn’t realize just how thirsty I’ve been.

An invitation to remember.

Tonight, with candles lit

with Sara Bareilles’

soothing sounds

the music dances me.

The sweet divine, the opening,

the unfurling

is more powerful than any food could possibly taste.

Why do we try to fill our supposed emptiness with distraction?

When really we are not empty.

Never empty.

Dance reminds us, if we let it,

we are so, so full.

An invitation to remember.

You are not empty.

You are so full.

Sometimes you just need

the music and the dance

to remind you

of what you already know.